What Apple should have done with the new Mac Pro

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By now, I'm sure anyone who cares has seen the new Mac Pro.

Mac Pro


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Another reason I love Ruby

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I was recently sent a set of photos and had literally hundreds to go through and didn't have time to go through them all by hand. Plus, several of them were all minor variations on a theme. So I got the idea to just pick 24 random images, and discard the rest. I was working in Ruby at the time, so here's what I did:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'fileutils'
include FileUtils

mark_for_removal = Dir.glob("*.jpg").shuffle[24..-1]

mark_for_removal.each {|f| rm f}

Here it is as a one-liner:

ruby -e 'require "fileutils" ; Dir.glob("*.jpg").shuffle[24..-1].each {|f| FileUtils.rm(f)}'

To be fair, this should also work on systems that have the GNU utils:

ls *.jpg | shuf | tail -n +25 | xargs rm

The beauty of the Ruby version is that it should work even if you don't have the GNU utils.

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BoingBoing's censorship problem

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Note: I started writing this in April, dropped it, came back to it two months later. My apologies if some of this isn't relevant anymore.

I'm going to make this short.

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Do feminists really hate cooking

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So, I ran across an interesting post today.

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Google Nose now in Beta

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Google Nose Beta

Who knows? Google Nose!

Something smells fishy about this, but when you think about it, since nobody else is really going after this sensation, it makes good scents.

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Introducing: Gmail Blue

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Brilliant. I can't believe I waited this long for this.

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